10 Best Games Like Tiny Glade

Discover the charm of building miniature worlds with our curated list of the 10 best games like Tiny Glade. Whether you love constructing enchanting landscapes, crafting cozy environments, or simply immersing yourself in tranquil gameplay, these games will captivate your imagination!

A collage of four different video game landscapes, each featuring detailed and vibrant fantasy towns and cities with unique architectural styles and layouts.

As someone who finds immense joy in the art of crafting miniature worlds, Tiny Glade quickly became a personal favorite. The ability to create enchanting landscapes and cozy environments, all while immersing myself in tranquil gameplay, is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you’re like me and crave that sense of calm and creativity, you’re in for a treat. I’ve curated a list of the 10 best games that capture the same charm and imagination as Tiny Glade. Happy gaming!

10 Games Like Tiny Glade


A colorful, densely packed coastal town with various small buildings clustered on a landmass jutting into the sea. The buildings are vibrant, and the sea is calm with a few white birds flying.

A relaxing town-building game where you create beautiful, colorful towns on a grid-based system. The game has no goals or challenges, just a serene experience of building and watching your town come to life.

Available on: Steam, Android, iOS, Meta Quest


A cozy 3D model of a city on a pink background, perfect for Nintendo Switch gamers.

A peaceful building strategy game where you place hexagonal tiles to create landscapes. The game focuses on creating beautiful environments and relaxing gameplay.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch


A low poly style screenshot of a city, similar to games like unpacking.

A minimalist city-building game set on small, procedurally generated islands. The game’s simple mechanics and focus on aesthetics make it a relaxing and engaging experience.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Meta Quest, PlayStation

Terra Nil

Aerial view of a colorful, strategically designed game map featuring forested areas, structures, pathways, and a body of water with snowy terrain.

A reverse city builder where your goal is to restore the environment to a natural, unspoiled state. The game’s focus on ecological restoration and its soothing visuals provide a relaxing experience.

Available on: Steam, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

Cloud Gardens

A small floating island with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, a clock sign, a bulletin board, and a vending machine. A treehouse is perched atop the tallest tree where children often play plant games.

Grow greenery over post-apocalyptic structures by placing plants and nurturing them to overgrow the environment. The game’s artistic approach and gentle pace make it a calming experience.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC

A Short Hike

A cozy game screenshot featuring a breathtaking mountain landscape and a mesmerizing waterfall.

Explore a small, charming island at your own pace, meeting quirky characters and discovering hidden treasures. The game’s low-pressure gameplay and beautiful art style make it a perfect cozy game.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PC

Kingdoms and Castles

A screenshot of a medieval city-building game displaying a developed town with various structures, resources indicators, and panels showing stats such as population, happiness, and food reserves.

Build and manage a medieval kingdom, focusing on the beauty of your settlement and its defenses. The game’s charming graphics and strategic depth provide a relaxing yet engaging experience.

Available on: Steam, Xbox

Before We Leave

A digital illustration of a winter village with snow-covered trees, buildings, and pathways on a hexagonal layout surrounded by water.

Rebuild civilization on a series of planets, focusing on exploration and resource management. The game’s non-violent approach and charming visuals make it a relaxing city-builder.

Available on: Steam, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

The Colonists

A digital rendering of a colony with small houses, chimneys emitting smoke, and various machinery. Sheep are grazing in a nearby field, reminiscent of games like Banished. The interface shows game statistics at the top and bottom of the screen.

Build and manage a colony of robots, gathering resources, and constructing buildings. The game’s cute graphics and relaxed pace make it a perfect cozy city-building game.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox


A detailed aerial view of a medieval village with stone and wood buildings, thatched roofs, and smoke rising from chimneys, surrounded by trees.

Manage a small group of exiled travelers to build a new settlement, focusing on resource management and survival. While slightly more challenging, its peaceful setting and town-building mechanics provide a rewarding experience.

Available on: Steam, PC

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