10 Best Cozy Puzzle Games

Unwind and engage your mind with our selection of the 10 best cozy puzzle games. These charming titles combine soothing aesthetics with brain-teasing challenges, offering the perfect blend of relaxation and mental stimulation!

A collage of four vivid video game landscapes, each showcasing different colorful and imaginative scenes, including lush greenery, orange mountains, whimsical clouds, and snowy ruins—all reminiscent of cozy puzzle games.

As someone who loves to relax with a good puzzle game, I’ve spent countless hours exploring titles that combine soothing visuals with brain-teasing challenges. There’s something truly special about finding that perfect balance between relaxation and mental stimulation. If you’re like me and enjoy a cozy gaming experience, you’re in the right place. I’ve put together a list of the 10 best cozy puzzle games that are sure to charm and captivate you. Happy gaming!

10 Cozy Puzzle Games

The Gardens Between

A whimsical, colorful scene of characters on rocky islands with a large open book and a straw hat in the background, connected by staircases and bridges reminiscent of games like Monument Valley.

Navigate two friends through a series of surreal, dreamlike gardens by manipulating time. The game’s relaxing pace and emotional narrative make it a heartwarming and cozy puzzle game.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Android

A Monster’s Expedition

A small character navigates through a bright, floating island landscape with patches of green grass, trees, and cut tree stumps, surrounded by cloud-like edges, creating a setting reminiscent of cozy puzzle games.

Explore a series of islands by pushing trees to create pathways in this charming and relaxing puzzle game. The game’s humor and gentle challenge make it perfect for cozy gaming sessions.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC


An illustrated scene depicting a fantastical castle with overgrown plants under a large full moon in a starry night sky, evoking the mystical aesthetics of games like Monument Valley.

Experience a visually stunning journey of a young girl dealing with loss, navigating through a world brought to life with delicate puzzles and beautiful hand-drawn art.

Available on: Steam, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation


Illustration reminiscent of games like A Little To The Left: a crow perches on a branch, a blue bowl sits on a pedestal, with a cityscape in the background and a single fruit-laden branch hovering above the bowl.

Solve puzzles by manipulating beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations, each one telling a part of a larger, intricate story. The game’s artistic approach and thoughtful design create a relaxing and engaging experience.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, Steam, Android

A Fold Apart

A colorful, low-poly video game scene reminiscent of "Games Like A Little To The Left" features bright orange skies, geometric clouds, platforms, and various obstacles. A star icon and character are visible.

A narrative-driven puzzle game that explores the emotional journey of a long-distance relationship through folding paper puzzles. Its heartfelt story and innovative mechanics offer a unique cozy experience.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam


A green character stands atop a fluffy cloud with arms raised, surrounded by colorful confetti, flowers, and vibrant scenery against a blue sky, evoking the charm and tranquility of cozy puzzle games.

A quirky puzzle-adventure game where you reunite characters through playful interactions and charming puzzles. The game’s whimsical design and joyful atmosphere make it perfect for a cozy playthrough.

Available on: Steam, PlayStation


An abstract puzzle game interface with a turquoise background, featuring two white blocks with faces, connected by red lines and a red and white anchor on the left side—perfect for fans of cozy mobile games.

A beautifully designed puzzle game that combines music and rhythm. Solve each level by placing blocks to guide spirits, creating a harmonious and relaxing experience.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Sojourn

A stylized winter landscape with abstract structures, glowing pillars, and icy cliffs. Snow-covered trees and buildings are in the background under a purple-tinted sky, resembling the enchanting settings of cozy puzzle games.

A first-person puzzle game that takes you through a beautiful world filled with challenging puzzles and a thought-provoking narrative. The game’s serene environments and meditative gameplay make it a cozy choice.

Available on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

When the Past was Around

A living room with two people sitting on a couch, reminiscent of the cozy settings in games like "A Little To The Left." There is a green chair, a small table with a plant, a bulletin board, a large plant, and even a drum set.

A point-and-click adventure with puzzles, following a touching story about love and letting go. The game’s hand-drawn art and soothing music provide a comforting and cozy experience.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Android, iOS


A character stands on a grassy ledge surrounded by deep, dark gaps, with trees and plants in the background, reminiscent of scenes from games like A Little To The Left.

A charming puzzle adventure where you rearrange pieces of the map to explore new areas and solve puzzles. The game’s cute visuals and creative mechanics make it a delightful and cozy game.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

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