9 Lovely and Cozy Bee Games

Buzz into fun with 9 lovely and cozy bee games that are perfect for all ages! Explore charming adventures, nurture your own hive, and enjoy delightful gameplay. These bee-themed games are sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

A collage of four animated game scenes featuring a farm, colorful worms near a hive in bee games, hexagonal grids, and a forest with characters.

As a lifelong fan of both cozy games and the fascinating world of bees, I couldn’t resist diving into the charming adventures that these bee-themed games offer. Whether you’re nurturing your own hive or exploring delightful landscapes, these nine lovely and cozy bee games are sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Happy gaming!

9 Cozy Bee Games

Bee Simulator

Experience life as a bee, exploring a beautiful world, collecting pollen, and defending your hive. The game’s vibrant graphics and educational elements make it a relaxing and engaging experience.

Available on: Steam, Xbox, Nintendo Switch


A pixel art forest with a character walking among trees, beehives, and mushrooms. There are ponds and a building at the top right corner, reminiscent of popular bee games.

A beekeeping simulation game where you can build and manage your own beekeeping empire, cross-breeding different species and producing honey. The game’s charming pixel art and relaxing gameplay are perfect for a cozy time.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Itch.io, Xbox

Bee Island

Aerial view of a hexagonal-tiled land with various structures under attack by flying machines in a game. In this thrilling bee game, buttons for different in-game actions are visible at the bottom of the screen.

Build and manage a hive, gather resources, and protect your colony in this charming simulation game. Its vibrant art style and strategic gameplay offer a cozy yet engaging experience.

Available on: Steam

Bee Garden: The Lost Queen

An animated garden scene featuring flower beds, beehives perfect for bee games, and a wooden cabin. The foreground includes a water pump, potted plants, and garden tools, with a golden coin counter showing 314 coins.

Tend to your garden, breed flowers, and attract bees to find the lost queen in this casual puzzle game. The game’s colorful visuals and relaxing mechanics make it perfect for a cozy gaming session.

Available on: Itch.io

Hive Time

A digital game scene showing a hexagonal honeycomb structure with bees engaged in various activities. Counters for resources and bee quantities are displayed at the top of the screen, making it one of the most engaging bee games around.

A bee-themed management sim where you build a hive, manage resources, and ensure the well-being of your bee colony. The game’s simple graphics and strategic depth provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Available on: Itch.io


An animated scene with a child and a fox character talking in a room, discussing their favorite bee games. Text is overlaid on the image, resembling a dialogue. The room contains a desk, chair, bed, and window.

An adventure game that explores the life and memories of a rural Scottish village. While not solely focused on bees, the game’s hand-drawn art and reflective storytelling offer a cozy and unique experience.

Available on: Steam

Bee Odyssey

A screenshot from a bee game shows bees flying towards flowers while spiders hang from webs. The interface displays a score of 0 and three heart icons indicating lives.

Guide a lost bee back to its hive through various environments, collecting pollen and avoiding obstacles. The game’s beautiful graphics and simple gameplay make it a delightful and relaxing experience.

Available on: Android

Bee Brilliant

Colorful cartoon worms with big eyes stand on a path in front of a large yellow beehive, reminiscent of scenes from popular bee games, surrounded by vibrant, flowering bushes and trees.

A match-3 puzzle game where you connect colorful bees and solve puzzles to advance through levels. The game’s cute graphics and cheerful music provide a fun and cozy experience.

Available on: Android, iOS

Honey Bee

Three bees are gathered around a queen bee atop a hexagonal honeycomb structure, illuminated with an orange glow against a dark background, reminiscent of strategic bee games.

Match Another match-3 puzzle game, but with a focus on helping bees collect honey. The game’s bright visuals and straightforward mechanics make it a relaxing and enjoyable game.

Available on: Steam

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