25 Best Games Like Strange Horticulture

Discover 25 captivating games like Strange Horticulture, each offering enigmatic worlds to explore and enjoy.

A screenshot of a computer game displaying a room adorned with plants and a book that captures the essence of strange horticulture.

Strange Horticulture is an enthralling adventure game that captivates players with its intricate narrative, mystical atmosphere, and distinctive gameplay. As a mystical plant shop owner, players unravel the secrets of supernatural plants and solve curious mysteries shrouded within the game. Its unique charm and engaging narrative have led to a significant interest in finding other captivating games that share similar themes and gameplay elements.

A cozy screenshot of a game on the Nintendo Switch console featuring a map and various in-game items.

To satisfy the quest for more intriguing and cozy games, we have meticulously curated a list of 25 games like Strange Horticulture. These games promise to offer the perfect blend of adventure, mystique, and narrative-driven gameplay, ensuring an immersive gaming experience.

Expect a vast array of supernatural elements, enigmatic puzzles, and compelling storylines that indulge and entertain.

Let your enthusiasm for Strange Horticulture serve as a portal to new realms and unforgettable gaming moments!

25 Games Like Strange Horticulture

Here are 25 games like Strange Horticulture, each with its distinctive charm.


Harry potter and the order of the phoenix - screenshot thumbnail.

Pentiment is a puzzle-based adventure game that transports players to a vivid, hand-drawn world. Players will need to solve intricate puzzles to unveil the game’s mysterious narrative.

Available on: Steam, Xbox

The Case of the Golden Idol

A screenshot of a map showing the location of a game.

In The Case of the Golden Idol, players solve puzzles as a detective on a mysterious island. Unravel the intriguing storyline by investigating clues and questioning witnesses throughout this point-and-click adventure.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch

A Highland Song

A girl is standing on a cliff with a deer in the highland.

A Highland Song takes players on a journey through a beautiful, hand-painted world inspired by traditional Scottish landscapes. The game features environmental puzzles and an enchanting soundtrack.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch


A statue with a clock in the middle of a forest.

Myst is an iconic, atmospheric point-and-click adventure game that transports players to a beautifully rendered, mysterious world. Explore vibrant landscapes and compelling puzzles while unraveling the game’s enigmatic storyline.

Available on: Steam, Xbox

Call of the Sea

An image of a tropical island with palm trees and a bridge.

Call of the Sea embarks on a breathtaking journey to a mesmerizing island fraught with perplexing puzzles and a sweeping narrative. Players will be drawn into a deep, emotional tale as they investigate and unravel the island’s secrets.

Available on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation


A cozy cartoon illustration of a forest with trees and a path.

Wytchwood is an enchanting crafting adventure game set in a dark fairytale forest. Players assume the role of a reclusive witch, using her cauldron and spellbook to brew powerful potions and explore a magical world filled with mythical creatures.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

The Last Clockwinder

A room with a clock hanging from the ceiling.

The Last Clockwinder presents a captivating steampunk world brimming with intricate mechanisms to restore and repair. Players assume the role of a clockwinder, navigating a town on the brink of ruin, unveiling its many mysteries and hidden secrets.

Available on: Steam

Potion Craft

A screenshot of a video game.

Potion Craft is an alchemy game that immerses players in the art of making magical elixirs. Experiment with various ingredients and brewing techniques to create incredible potions and explore an ever-evolving world.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

Syberia: The World Before

A screenshot of a steampunk game with a view of mountains.

Syberia: The World Before is a captivating adventure game that transports players to a mesmerizing world with a rich plot. The game features intricate, engrossing puzzles, and stunning environments to explore.

Available on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Coffee Talk

A series of cozy screenshots showing a man in a coffee shop.

In Coffee Talk, players run a cozy coffee shop, brewing drinks and offering a listening ear to the eclectic clientele that stops by. Navigate meaningful conversations and get to know the diverse characters that inhabit this unique setting.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Two people in a canoe on a dark river.

Unravel a dark conspiracy as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened. Navigate through 19th-century London and La Nouvelle-Orléans in this unique blend of point-and-click adventure and first-person gameplay.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

The Talos Principle

A screenshot of a video game with a laser in it.

Challenge your intellect in The Talos Principle, an atmospheric first-person puzzle game with over 120 puzzles. Set in a world brimming with ancient ruins and advanced technology, explore significant moral and philosophical questions.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation


A picture of a bird sitting on a branch.

Embark on a whimsical journey with a group of five botanical creatures in Botanicula. This point-and-click adventure game features vibrant and charming visuals, accompanied by a delightful soundtrack.

Available on: Steam

The Witness

A 3d image of an autumn scene with trees and a gate.

Explore a beautiful and mysterious open-world island filled with puzzles in The Witness. Lose yourself in the game’s mesmerizing art and marvel at its novel, non-linear progression.

Available on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Escape From Mystwood Mansion

A room with bookshelves and a window.

Unveil the secrets of an eerie mansion in Escape From Mystwood Mansion. Maneuver through time and space as you crack challenging puzzles in this enthralling point-and-click game.

Available on: Steam


A screenshot of a forest with trees and a river.

Discover the dazzling world of Eastshade, an open-world adventure game with a strong emphasis on storytelling. Play as a traveling painter exploring a stunning island filled with interesting characters and captivating quests.

Available on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Mask of the Rose

A black and white image of a city at night.

A romantic adventure awaits in Mask of the Rose. Navigate the dangerous web of Victorian-era London’s underworld in this interactive fiction game featuring an engaging narrative and vibrant hand-drawn graphics.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch

Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express

A man is standing in front of a cabin in the woods.

Solve a chilling murder mystery aboard the iconic train in Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express. Engage in immersive storytelling as you play detective Hercule Poirot in this gripping point-and-click adventure game.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation


A screenshot of a game of tarot cards.

Get ready for a hand-drawn adventure as you encounter eccentric characters in Pilgrims. Find creative solutions to each challenge in this quirky point-and-click game with engaging storytelling and humor.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch


An illustration of a house in the woods.

Join the introverted tea-loving frog Teacup. Embark on a delightful point-and-click adventure as you explore a world filled with fascinating characters to share a story-rich experience.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation


A person is diving in the water with the word abzu.

Dive into an underwater adventure in Abzu, a visually stunning game with a captivating narrative. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking depths of the ocean and unravel the story of an ancient civilization.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation


A truck driving down a road with trees in the background.

Utilize your supernatural powers as you manipulate time and solve a murder mystery in Omensight. Engage in thrilling combat, form alliances with powerful characters, and alter the fate of an apocalyptic world.

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch

Frog Detective

A room with a bear sitting at a desk.

Solve curious cases in the delightful series of Frog Detective games. Unveil the mysteries by questioning humorous characters and using your quick wit in these point-and-click adventures.

Available on: Steam

Return of the Obra Dinn

A black and white drawing of a ship at night.

Assume the role of an insurance investigator as you explore a long-lost ship in Return of the Obra Dinn. Decipher the fates of the missing passengers using logic and keen observational skills in this brilliantly crafted 3D first-person mystery game.

Available on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Disco Elysium

A screenshot of a scene in a video game.

Disco Elysium is an open-world, narrative-driven role-playing game where players assume the role of a troubled detective in a dystopian city, solving a complex murder case while navigating inner turmoil, with branching dialogue and skill trees offering numerous narrative paths, and hand-painted artwork and vivid characters creating an immersive world.

Available on SteamXbox,  PlayStation

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