A Highland Song Review: Journey Through the Scottish Highlands

Our game review of A Highland Song, a creation by Inkle Studios. With open-ended gameplay and a moving narrative, A Highland Song immerses players in the rich culture and history of Scotland.

A captivating highland song review featuring a girl on top of a mountain.

Spoiler: The Highland Song is a must-play cozy game for fans of 2D platformers and adventure games.

A Highland Song is a game developed by Inkle Studios, a UK-based indie game studio that is known for creating interactive narrative games. The game was released on December 5th, 2023, and has been receiving a lot of attention from gamers and critics alike.

In A Nutshell

  • A Highland Song is an adventure game developed by Inkle Studios that takes place in the Scottish Highlands.
  • The game’s mechanics are simple, and the player controls Moira, a teenage runaway who is trying to escape her troubled past.
  • The game’s narrative is well-written and engaging, and the game’s aesthetics are top-notch.
A mesmerizing screenshot of a game featuring a serene lake and cozy cabin nestled in the highlands.

Where to Play

A Highland Song is available on Steam (PC and Mac) and Nintendo Switch.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Exploration and Adventure

A Highland Song is a 2D platformer with a strong emphasis on exploration and adventure. The game features a beautifully crafted map of the Scottish highlands, which players can explore at their leisure. The level designer has done an excellent job of creating a sense of journey and exploration, with each new area offering something new and exciting to discover.

Platforming Elements

The platforming elements in A Highland Song are well executed and provide a good level of challenge without becoming frustrating. The game features a range of different obstacles, including climbing sections, sprint sections, and platforming challenges. Players must use their wits and reflexes to navigate the terrain and progress through the game.

Challenges and Progress

The game features a range of different challenges, including puzzles, combat encounters, and environmental hazards. Players must use their skills and items to overcome these challenges and progress through the game. The difficulty level is well-balanced, with a good mix of tension and survival elements. The game also features a range of shortcuts and items that players can use to make their journey through the highlands easier.

In terms of level design, A Highland Song is a well-crafted game that offers a satisfying mix of exploration and platforming challenges. The game features a range of different environments, from misty peaks to dark forests, each of which is beautifully rendered and full of detail.

A girl is standing on a cliff with a deer in the highland.

Narrative and Aesthetics

Storytelling and Themes

Players take on the role of Moira McKinnon, a Scottish teenager who embarks on a journey to uncover the mysteries of her family history. The game’s story is told through Moira’s perspective, as she collects map fragments and walks through the Scottish highlands to reach her uncle’s lighthouse. The game’s narrative is rich in myth and history, with themes of family, loss, and the power of music.

Visuals and Music

The game’s visuals and music are a highlight, with beautiful depictions of the Scottish highlands and authentic Scottish music that transports players to the wild, rugged terrain. The game’s musical elements are integrated into the gameplay, with rhythm game mechanics that require players to tap buttons in time with the music to progress. The visuals and music work together to create an immersive experience that captures the essence of Scotland.

Authenticity and World-Building

A Highland Song’s authenticity is a key aspect of the game’s world-building. The game features Gaelic language and culture, and the developers worked with Scottish musicians to create an authentic musical score. The game’s world is filled with wildlife, including deer, and the rugged terrain of the Scottish highlands is accurately depicted. The game’s attention to detail and commitment to authenticity make it a standout title that captures the essence of Scotland.

Lasting Impression

Overall, A Highland Song is a beautifully crafted narrative game that combines stunning visuals, authentic music, and rich storytelling to create an immersive experience that transports players to the Scottish highlands. The game’s attention to detail and commitment to authenticity make it a standout title that is sure to delight fans of narrative games and Scottish culture alike.

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