15 Best Games Like Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has captured the hearts of many with its charming blend of farming, life simulation, and adventure. If you’re looking for more games that offer a similar experience, here’s a list of 15 titles that promise equally compelling gameplay!

A pixelated image of a cozy village in a sandbox game.

In the enchanting realm of indie games, titles like Stardew Valley have captivated fans with their immersive fantasy worlds, intricate mechanics, and vibrant graphics. These games offer players an abundance of resources and activities, from farming to foraging, and even brewing potions. As players delve into these pixelated paradises, they discover a unique blend of adventure and tranquility, making such games a staple for Stardew Valley enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

What’s So Great About Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley stands out in the gaming world with its simple yet deep gameplay, combining farming, life simulation, and RPG elements for a truly immersive experience. Its pixel-art charm, engaging seasonal cycles, and dynamic storyline offer players a cozy escape into a world where choices matter. From cultivating a farm and building relationships to exploring mysteries, it’s a game that feels like a comforting virtual home, making every player’s journey uniquely personal and deeply rewarding.

Games Like Stardew Valley

1. My Time at Portia

A cozy screenshot of a Nintendo Switch game with a character in front of a cave.

My Time at Portia offers an enchanting mix of farming, crafting, and exploration in a post-apocalyptic world. Players inherit their father’s workshop and work to restore it to its former glory, crafting items, growing crops, and building relationships with the townsfolk.

Available on: PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

2. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

A screenshot of a game with many trees and plants, similar to Hello Kitty.

A revitalization of the classic Harvest Moon series, Light of Hope maintains the beloved farming and community-building elements. After a monsoon strands the player in a small harbor town, they must help rebuild the town and save the lighthouse.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PC, Apple Arcade

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A cozy animal crossing game with a person on a beach.

While not a farming simulator, Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a relaxing life simulation experience. Players can customize their island, interact with anthropomorphic animals, and enjoy seasonal events in real-time.

Available on: Nintendo Switch

4. Graveyard Keeper

A screenshot of a village in a game like Stardew Valley.

Graveyard Keeper puts a dark twist on the farming sim genre. Players manage a medieval graveyard while facing ethical dilemmas, crafting, and exploring. It’s a game of capitalism, moral choices, and graveyard management.

Available On: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

5. Spiritfarer

An illustration of a deer in a red river.

Spiritfarer combines management with emotion as players ferry spirits to the afterlife. This cozy management game is about dying, with farming, mining, fishing, and building on your ever-evolving boat.

Available On: Steam, Playstation, Nintendo Switch

6. Moonlighter

A screenshot of a game similar to Stardew Valley with a farm and trees.

Moonlighter offers a unique blend of action RPG and shop management. By day, players run a shop; by night, they explore dungeons to stock up on goods. It’s a game about the dual life of Will, a shopkeeper with dreams of becoming a hero.

Available On: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

7. Slime Rancher

A video game with a pink ball in a desert, reminiscent of games like Hello Kitty.

In Slime Rancher, players collect, feed, and breed slimes on a distant planet. It’s a charming first-person life simulation game with a focus on slime farming.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

8. Garden Paws

A bunny in a hammock in a grassy area, reminiscent of scenes from games like Stardew Valley.

Garden Paws is a cute and relaxing farming simulation game where you inherit a farm on an island. With multiplayer options, you can farm, build, and explore the island with friends, or run your shop in town.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch

9. Rune Factory 4 Special

A screenshot of a game, reminiscent of Stardew Valley, showing a vibrant garden.

Rune Factory 4 Special mixes farming with dungeon crawling. Players can cultivate their fields, engage in combat, and marry townsfolk. It’s perfect for players looking for a more adventure-focused farming game.

Available On: PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch

10. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

A screenshot of an animal crossing game, similar to games like Stardew Valley.

A remake of a classic farming sim, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town offers a fresh take on farm life. Players can grow crops, raise animals, and build relationships with villagers.

Available On: PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox

11. Stardew Valley Expanded

A pixelated image of a house in a forest, reminiscent of games like Stardew Valley.

While not a separate game, Stardew Valley Expanded is a must-try mod for fans of the original. It adds new characters, farm maps, quests, and a larger world to explore, providing a fresh experience for returning players.

Available On: PC (Requires Stardew Valley)

12. Littlewood

The adorable cover of Littlewood, a charming Nintendo game.

Littlewood is a post-adventure farming sim where the world has already been saved. Now, players must rebuild the town, forge friendships, and discover forgotten memories.

Available On: PC, Nintendo Switch

13. Ooblets

A screenshot of a game, similar to Stardew Valley, with a lot of plants in it.

Ooblets is a mash-up of farming, creature collection, and dance battles. Grow ooblets on your farm, explore regions, and compete in dance-offs in this quirky and cute simulation game.

Available On: Steam, Nintendo Switch

14. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

A girl is standing in a field of tall grass, reminiscent of scenes from games like Stardew Valley.

Combining side-scrolling action with detailed farming simulation, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin tells the story of a harvest goddess. Players will battle demons and cultivate rice to strengthen Sakuna and help her reclaim her homeland.

Available On: PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch

15. Cozy Grove

A screenshot of a cozy game with a lot of characters.

Cozy Grove is a life-simulation game set on a haunted island. As a Spirit Scout, players explore the island, helping spirits find peace while engaging in crafting, fishing, and farming.

Available On: Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade

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