20 Top Games Like Cozy Grove

Explore the top 20 games like Cozy Grove for a blend of crafting, exploring, and charming stories in our fun selection of immersive games.

A screenshot of a cozy game with a lot of characters.

Dive into the comforting side of the gaming world with our top 20 games like Cozy Grove. This list offers a refreshing mix of serene adventures, creative crafting, and engaging stories. If you’re searching for a game that combines relaxation with intriguing gameplay, our selection spans heartwarming simulators and imaginative explorations. Each title has been chosen for its ability to offer a cozy, engaging experience akin to Cozy Grove, promising hours of enjoyment and creativity. Happy playing!

Games Like Cozy Grove

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A cozy girl standing in front of an orange tree in Animal Crossing.

Create your island paradise, befriend villagers, and enjoy a laid-back life in this iconic life-sim.

Available On: Nintendo Switch

2. The Garden Path

A relaxing gardening sim where you tend to your garden, fish, and craft, enjoying the serene atmosphere each day brings.

Available On: PC

3. Love, Ghostie

Play as a supernatural matchmaker in the afterlife, setting up ghostly couples in this charming dating sim.

Available On: PC

4. Moonglow Bay

Repair a struggling town through fishing, cook your catch, and bond with locals in this heartwarming slice-of-life RPG.

Available On: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation

5. Resonance of the Ocean

Find solace on a lonely island, crafting musical instruments from sea gifts in this short, meditative adventure.

Available On: PC, Android, iOS

6. Bear & Breakfast

A cozy screenshot of a video game on Nintendo Switch.

Run a B&B in the wilderness, managing and decorating your inn while exploring the forest and its secrets.

Available On: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation

7. Spiritfarer

An illustration of a deer in a red river.

As a ferrymaster to the deceased, care for spirit passengers and explore whimsical islands in this moving management sim.

Available On: Steam, Playstation, Nintendo Switch

8. Sun Haven

Engage in fantasy farming and magical quests in a cooperative or solo adventure filled with dragons and magic.

Available On: PC

9. Rooster

A colorful, detailed illustration of a cozy, cluttered kitchen filled with various plants, foods, and utensils, resembling a scene from a hidden object game.

Immerse yourself in a story-rich puzzle adventure celebrating ancient Chinese culture, filled with cooking, crafting, and family tales.

Available On: PC

10. Coffee Talk

A series of cozy screenshots showing a man in a coffee shop.

Brew coffee and listen to the stories of your cafe’s patrons in a game set against a backdrop of fantasy and warmth.

Available On: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

11. Stardew Valley

A pixelated image of a cozy village in a sandbox game.

Build your dream farm, foster community ties, and explore mysterious caves in this beloved farming sim.

Available On: PlayStationXboxSteamNintendo SwitchGoogle Play, Apple Arcade

12. Slime Rancher

A video game with a pink ball in a desert, reminiscent of games like Hello Kitty.

Catch and care for adorable slimes on a far-off planet in this unique twist on farming and exploration.

Available On: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

13. My Time at Sandrock

Craft, build, and farm in a post-apocalyptic setting, engaging with townsfolk and uncovering secrets.

Available On: PC, Nintendo Switch

14. Disney Dreamlight Valley

In a cozy game, a woman and a man stroll through a lush jungle environment.

Live alongside Disney and Pixar characters in this life-sim, crafting and exploring to restore memories.

Available On: PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation

15. Homestead Arcana

A woman is standing in front of a pink witchy house.

Embrace the life of a young witch, farming and casting spells to lift a mysterious plague in this magical sim.

Available On: Xbox, Steam

16. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Dive into a beautifully animated RPG adventure with a heartwarming story and captivating characters.

Available On: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation

17. Unravel

Follow Yarny, a tiny character made of thread, through beautiful landscapes, solving puzzles to mend broken bonds.

Available On: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

18. Cooking Simulator

Master the art of cooking in a realistic kitchen, experimenting with ingredients and recipes.

Available On: PC

19. Pikuniku

A puzzle-exploration game set in a colorful, yet dystopian world, full of surprises and quirky characters.

Available On: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox

20. Bejeweled 2

Enjoy the classic match-three puzzle game, aiming for high scores and special combinations in various modes.

Available On: PC, Xbox

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