15 Wonderful Games Like A Little To The Left

Explore 15 delightful games like A Little to the Left that feature relaxing puzzles, soothing gameplay, and charming visuals. Perfect for fans of cozy and calming gaming experiences!

A sewing box containing an assortment of sewing tools and scissors, reminiscent of the satisfying gameplay found in games like unpacking.

As a fan of A Little to the Left, I’m always on the lookout for similar games that offer a unique blend of puzzles, creativity, and storytelling. So, I’ve compiled a list of 15 games that capture the same charm and engaging gameplay. Each game has its own distinct style, but they all share that satisfying sense of discovery and organization. Whether you’re into narrative-driven adventures, calming puzzles, or just looking for something new to play, these games are sure to delight. Let’s dive in!

15 Games Like A Little To The Left

1. Unpacking

A whimsical room featuring a bunk bed and a cuddly teddy bear, perfect for those who enjoy games like unpacking.

Unpacking is a zen puzzle game about unpacking a life, where you unpack and organize items into a new home. The game’s narrative unfolds through the objects you place and the spaces you fill.

Available on: Steam, Android, iOS, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

2. Hidden Folks

A detailed, black-and-white illustration shows a busy farm scene with various animals, people, tractors, farm equipment, and recreational vehicles in different areas of the farm, reminiscent of the charming organization found in games like "A Little To The Left.

Hidden Folks is a hand-drawn, interactive hidden object game with charming animations and sound effects. Find tiny people and objects hidden in whimsical, animated landscapes.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Steam

3. Wilmot’s Warehouse

A vibrant screenshot of a game bursting with a multitude of colorful hues.

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a game about organizing a warehouse, managing inventory, and ensuring efficient delivery of goods. It’s a blend of puzzles and strategy with a minimalist aesthetic.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox, iOS, PlayStation

4. The Gardens Between

A whimsical, colorful scene of characters on rocky islands with a large open book and a straw hat in the background, connected by staircases and bridges reminiscent of games like Monument Valley.

The Gardens Between is a narrative-driven puzzle game where two friends manipulate time to solve puzzles and explore dreamlike islands. The game is visually stunning and offers a reflective, emotional journey.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Android

5. Old Man’s Journey

A lighthouse stands on a rocky coastline at sunrise, with a small dock and boats nearby. Seagulls are flying, and mountains can be seen in the background—a scene reminiscent of serene moments found in games like A Little To The Left.

Old Man’s Journey is a beautifully illustrated puzzle adventure game that tells the story of life, loss, and hope. Players solve environmental puzzles to guide an old man on his journey.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Steam, Xbox

6. Assemble with Care

A picture of a clock with intricate gears on it, reminiscent of unpacking games.

Assemble with Care is a narrative puzzle game where you repair objects and restore memories. The game features beautiful visuals and a touching story about a traveling restorer.

Available on: PC, iOS, Steam, Android

7. Gorogoa

Illustration reminiscent of games like A Little To The Left: a crow perches on a branch, a blue bowl sits on a pedestal, with a cityscape in the background and a single fruit-laden branch hovering above the bowl.

Gorogoa is a unique puzzle game where players arrange and combine illustrated panels to solve puzzles and progress through a beautifully hand-drawn story. The game offers a fresh and innovative approach to the puzzle genre.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, Steam, Android

8. Monument Valley 2

A screenshot of a game featuring an intricate building.

Monument Valley 2 is a visually stunning puzzle game where you guide a mother and her child through magical architecture and illusionary pathways. The game’s design and storytelling are captivating and serene.

Available on: iOS, Android, Steam, PC

9. A Fold Apart

A colorful, low-poly video game scene reminiscent of "Games Like A Little To The Left" features bright orange skies, geometric clouds, platforms, and various obstacles. A star icon and character are visible.

A Fold Apart is a puzzle game about a couple experiencing the emotional rollercoaster of a long-distance relationship. Players fold paper to solve puzzles and navigate their journey through a heartfelt story.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

10. When the Past was Around

A living room with two people sitting on a couch, reminiscent of the cozy settings in games like "A Little To The Left." There is a green chair, a small table with a plant, a bulletin board, a large plant, and even a drum set.

When the Past was Around is a point-and-click adventure puzzle game about love, moving on, and letting go. Players explore the protagonist’s memories and solve puzzles to uncover her story.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Android, iOS

11. Mutazione

A group of colorful, otherworldly characters gather in a dimly lit, cluttered room decorated with various signs, string lights, and eclectic items, reminiscent of the whimsical puzzles found in games like A Little To The Left.

Mutazione is a narrative-driven adventure game where players explore a strange and lush world, filled with fascinating characters. It’s a blend of gardening, storytelling, and supernatural elements.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Steam, iOS

12. Spiritfarer

An illustration of a deer in a red river.

Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying, where you play as Stella, a ferrymaster to the deceased. You build and upgrade your boat, explore the world, and care for your spirit friends before guiding them to the afterlife.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

13. Carto

A character stands on a grassy ledge surrounded by deep, dark gaps, with trees and plants in the background, reminiscent of scenes from games like A Little To The Left.

Carto is a charming adventure game that revolves around a unique puzzle mechanic where you rearrange map pieces to explore new areas. The game combines a touching story with engaging puzzles and beautiful artwork.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

14. In Other Waters

A digital screen and control panel displaying navigation data and coordinates, overlaid with a message: "It must be part of some vast process... Do you think we'll ever understand the cycles of this ocean?" It's like navigating puzzles in Games Like A Little To The Left.

In Other Waters is a unique exploration game where you play as an AI guiding a xenobiologist through an underwater alien world. The game is minimalistic, focusing on exploration and the relationship between AI and human.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Steam

15. Toem

A black-and-white cartoon-style game scene reminiscent of Games Like A Little To The Left, featuring characters strolling around a waterfront area with a large fish statue in a small fountain, surrounded by various buildings and wooden docks.

Toem is a delightful photo adventure game where you explore charming black-and-white landscapes, meet quirky characters, and solve puzzles through photography. It’s a relaxing game with a unique visual style and engaging gameplay.

Available on: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Steam, Xbox

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